Half Bath

This is the room that will become the downstairs half-bath.  It is a part of the dining room off the kitchen presently.  We will build a wall along the back of the dining area with the window in the bath.  A part of the wall will become a closet also, for storing the vacuum cleaner and jackets, etc.
Bathroom corner

Closet corner

Maybe upstairs?
I think this is the sink for the downstairs half-bath: Fresca Cristallino with Frosted Glass.  Maybe upstairs too!  I love the beach glass look of the basin, and the fact that I can clean the floor easily.  Nice clean look!

And this toilet for both the upstairs and downstairs baths: Toto Dual Flush Wall Hung.   I don't want a toilet that has all the bolt covers rolling around and the dust and mold trying to take over around the base.  So the wall hung unit by Toto seems to be a very nice option.  Mop once beneath and you are done pretty much.

May be this Fresca Freca Brilliante would be better downstairs.  The half-bath is small and maybe it would be nice to have a place to store tp and cleaners.  This is only 17 inches wide and still easy enough to clean around.  Easy cleaning is my main concern in this new smaller space.  Efficiency, wise use of space and appearance are also of the utmost importance.  The wall mounted units are easy to clean under and behind, and the cabinet unit is easy to clean around and on the sides.
I don't think I need a medicine cabinet in the downstairs bath, but maybe.  Aspirin and bandaids downstairs...yeah, maybe I'll look for a way to store that somewhere.

By the way, who has those ferny things in vases on their bathroom floors?  Those have to go.  I'm not doing that.

Update:  I've purchased the Toto wall mounted toilet (above) with in-wall tank, and the Toto wall mounted sink with shroud to cover the pipes.  I'm so excited to be able to clean around the toilet and sink with just a damp mop or vacuum cleaner.  No trying to get around back and into crevices...all smooth and above the floor!  Yea!
Toto sink

And this is the medicine cabinet I've purchased from eComfort.com in cherry wood.

And here is the fan light I've purchased for both bathrooms. The lights hang a bit low, but I really like them, so we'll see after they are installed, how much I have to adapt the chains or if I need to get smaller shades.

Now I'm in search of vanity lights.  I have a lot of options so far, but I'm still deciding.

Here is the Kohler faucet for the Toto sink - same as the full bath upstairs:

July 2014
I guess I have some stuff on the home page, but thought I should put an update on the colors and the floor in the half bath downstairs.
The toilet is going to be high, but I guess that will be okay in case of getting older (which I believe is the plan) and making it easier to use.
The floor is partly done here.  It was stopped in this stage for a day or two while our contractor waited for us to see it and okay it as a shabby-chic or distressed look.  I didn't like it at all.  It distressed me.  I like old, but I have no problem with it looking new, or as new as possible.   So it is being sanded again and resealed.  Unfortunately the den was the same way and now they have to refinish the connecting floors in the living room and kitchen, so they will not have stop and start marks, I guess.  So we went backwards a bit.  But that's okay.  The kitchen and living room floors were very far apart on color, so this may work out better anyway.
Not a fan of leaving areas of the old floor paint and dark stain.