These cabinets are built on site.  You can see the mold on the side of the cabinet on the left.  One door is broken.  I'd like to use them, but I don't think it will work out.  Too much demolition is required.

Do I want this sink?  I think so.
This is a Farmhaus Fireclay sink by Whitehaus.  The front is exposed. It is heavy, but I like the look of the exposed front and the nice white color.

Here, finally is the light I am using over the kitchen table.  It should be here tomorrow 1/13/13.  Hope it is good quality for the little price I paid for it.  I've been looking forever, and if this is sturdy and not broken and as lovely as its picture I am going to be ecstatic.
Now to talk cabinets with a cabinetmaker.  And then color for the walls.

January 12, 2013
The light arrived in excellent shape and just as pictured and described by Tacoma Tiffany in Tacoma, Washington.  Now to see what color the kitchen will of the colors in the fixture...hmmm.
Here it is fresh out of the packaging.  Perfect!  Can't wait to hang it up and see it lit.


And I think I'm going with two dishwashers that each are 18" wide - one for dirty dishes and one for clean.  I'm using the clean for dish storage.  No more putting dishes away so you can load it again.  Dirty, clean, use, put in other machine.  Repeat.  The cabinets will be used for food and maybe some pans or larger things I don't use often enough to keep in the dishwasher.  And I have some fancy new handmade glasses I got for Christmas with sea glass on them, that I may show off in a cabinet with a glass door.

And this refrigerator is 24" wide and the same deep, so it doesn't extend past the cabinets. We are no longer going to fill our refrigerator with things that can be pushed to the back and grow penicillin.  I know, we may want that feature again someday, what with rising healthcare costs and all... but for now, smaller is better.

More later on the sink and some "then" and "so far" pictures of the kitchen.

And now for more kitchen stuff:

The kitchen sink arrived just before the blizzard.  The box with sink still in it is waiting in our entryway (I'd say foyer, but in a log home that seems too formal!) for somewhere to live until the cabinets arrive in Friendship.

I opened the package to make sure everything was okay inside; it is.  It is a nice color and an unusual configuration.  I think it will be nice.  It feels strange to the touch.  Kind of "soapstone-ish", though it is a man-made granite material.  It's a bit squared off and not shiny - which I am more used to having.  I've mostly had cast iron enamel sinks in my kitchens, so this will take a bit of getting used to.  But I'm ready for different.  I think.  Yes, I am.

We are planning on putting wood-look porcelain tiles down for kitchen flooring.  And because there is no entryway (you just come directly into the kitchen) we are going to put down a metal grate with a drain pan below it.  Amazingly enough our contractor mentioned that, AND we HAVE a metal grate we found at the "Mall" at our transfer station (the "dump" for those of my generation).  There is a little storage shed there where people drop off stuff that isn't quite ready for tossing and anyone can pick it up there free.  We found this grate there quite by accident and picked it up thinking maybe we would use it for just that purpose.  Then we kind of forgot about it, having been stored in our garage for almost a year now.

I just found two pair of sheer curtains I may use in Friendship, and a red Little Tykes chair that is exactly - except for the color - like the ones my kids had.  My grandson will like that, I'm sure.  But I digress.

Here's the metal grate we obtained.  My shoe is on it so you can see how large it is.  How exciting is that?  It just needs to be sandblasted and coated with whatever you use to coat cast iron.  It's perfect for the house style, and perfect for taking off dirty shoes and boots at the door. 

Update on July 15, 2014:
Decided to go with wood (narrow fir) floor like in the livingroom, and no grate in the kitchen.  We are going to add a mudroom and deck off the kitchen.
Here's the sink that I got.

Here's the finished kitchen floor (and my Vibrant Day Lily door!).
July 2014
My husband was cleaning out the garage at his mother's house before the closing in a couple more days.  As he worked around and was throwing things out with his brother, he came across a beautiful vintage Porcelier light that must have gotten tucked away in the garage when they redid the downstairs.  He snagged it and brought it home with the idea that we could use it here in the den or living room.
The tag on the underside said Porcelier, so I went hunting for more info on it.  I found that they were made in the early 1900's.  And then I went looking for more of them.  What I discovered were some beautiful fixtures that would be perfect over our kitchen sink and cupboards.  I've been looking for fixtures for a while for those two spots.  I didn't want anything to take away from the stained glass lamp over the table, plus the other issue has always been that the ceilings in the house are a bit low, so nothing can have much of a drop.  I had even bought and returned lighting for those two spots.  I may even have some that I didn't return...
At any rate, nothing had really worked out...until now.
I went on eBay and found a pair of matching Porcelier fixtures.  One of the pair had plaster stuck on it and each had mismatched bulb holders.  But getting both, I could mix and match to get a good one easily.  Then I found a third fixture that matched my one good fixture.  A trip to Lowe's and we had the insides/new wiring for our light fixtures.
I think these are going to work out great.  They don't hang too low and I can get LED lights that are pretty close in appearance to incandescent bulbs.
Mismatched bulb holders and still a bit dirty.

Trying one out...Wonderful!

Matched bulb holders, clean and chain.

I think these are going to be a favorite feature in the kitchen.  I thought the stained glass hanging lamp would be, but these are pretty special and a good match for the age of the early 1900's house.

September 15, 2016
I can't believe we aren't in our home yet.  We are waiting on a new roof. It will be a dark green metal roof made to look like tiles or shingles, and we are putting solar panels on one side.  The house is situated just right for solar, so it makes sense for us.

The kitchen cabinets have undergone a change in my thinking.  I had a wood finish like the rest of the house, but now I'm thinking this:
I like it with the light green walls and the blue flowers in the lighting.  Plus it is kind of nautical, oceany, too!
The countertop I'm liking is a quartz by Silestone - a very common material in Maine.  This Tea Leaf color has bits of green in it and a sandy color that will coordinate with the sink and flooring, and white that will go with the appliances.

I hope to be able to figure out what cabinets I will need to order.  I have the kitchen measurements, but I've never figured out a kitchen spacing all on my own before!

October 17, 2016

I gave in and went to Lowe's.  What a relief!  Someone came out and measured the kitchen!  Now I don't have to worry that I did it all wrong.  Someone else may have, but it isn't my doing.
I did actually pick the tile "Silestone - Tea Leaf" for the countertops after going with a couple other options in my head. At the last minute, though, I ran back to "Tea Leaf" with it's combination of greens, sand and white.
The cabinets went from "Diamond" in a "Fired Brick" color, to "Schuler" in a "Saffron" color.  I picked the Tiffany style door.  I had come across this combination a couple of weeks ago and tried all sorts of other combinations in my mind before coming back to the Tiffany door in a classic yellow.
The change from the dark blue or the brick colors came about when I started to picture it with the white appliances.  It seemed like it would end up being a checkerboard effect with the dark and white repeat across the room, and might just be too dark for a small room.  The yellow would be much more subtle a difference, and very cheery, and enlarging the look of the room.
We are changing the flooring in the kitchen from wood to tile.  Not sure which tile yet.  But there had been a leak in the roof that came down into the kitchen and got under the flooring.  I don't like the feel of the floor now.  It seems to be punky, so we are taking it up and putting down tile.  I want it to be cheery, too!  So I'm on a hunt now for tiles!

December 15, 2016
The tiles have arrived and the flooring is prepped for tiles to be installed.  I got these at
I'm having "Asparagus" green grout.  The cabinet knobs are trials...
I think we are going with this though:
The faucet is nickel and the cabinet has beading, so it seems a good match... unless I find something else!