Monday, May 29, 2017

Yet More Delays

Okay, the cabinets did not go in when expected and we have a reschedule date of June 5.  Seems that no one can contact each other for verifications.  This time I just said do it.  I'll be there if our contractor can't make it.  I did warn them though that NOBODY wants ME there.  I am a stickler for straight and perfect and I don't always know the order things are done, so can get nervous  about something when I don't have to - they aren't finished with it yet.

The bathroom sink supports were done and the sinks put in (they are huge... wasn't ready for that!), and the toilets were hung.  The toilets were hung too high though, so those have to both be lowered.  My feet don't touch the floor and I don't want to put little footstools by them.  So no water yet.

Yet, yet, yet.  When will it be yet?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

THE Cabinet and THE Knobs

It's a done deal!  This is the kitchen flooring; we had the tile put in a couple of weeks ago, replacing the hardwood we had originally put down that I wasn't crazy about.  I haven't seen the grout yet, but Tim was up there after it was grouted in dark green "Asparagus" color.
Then, here's the cabinet and the knob combo... I finally, finally settled on the cabinet knobs!  I found these online and ordered them, and I am so excited! 

The cabinets are FINALLY going in on Monday - in two days - on Tim's birthday.  Then the  quartz countertop will arrive shortly after that we are hoping!

We thought the bathrooms would be done, but the toilets and sinks for the bathrooms are Toto and all are wall mounted.  The Toto toilets are in, but the bathroom sinks will be in someday soon.  They were supposed to be in on Tuesday this past week, but the structure for them was not behind the wall, so they are going to have to break into the wall, put a 2x6 in, sheetrock those walls again and repaint.

The mudroom is being added, along with a deck.  We may be in before it is complete, but as long as we have a bedroom and one bathroom we will be fine!

I hope to get a picture here soon with everything in place...but for now, imagine the following items all together in this recap of what we ended up selecting for the kitchen:

Still packing up and sorting here, as there is no huge hurry until the bathrooms are there!