Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day Lilies

Just had to post this picture taken last weekend up here.  These are why the door is the color it is.  I just love day lilies!  They are pretty happy flowers and they don't need my attention at all... except for stopping to admire them.

 And then this quick view out the front door where off to the side you can see one of the patches of day lilies and a tiny glimpse of the cove.

Day lilies potted three years ago to save them from the excavation - time to plant them.

It doesn't look like we will get there this summer.  Maybe next summer.  We need to get some work done in the basement to get it drier, so that will come before most everything else now.  Also will need a generator installed shortly.  I guess THEN I can have a kitchen, finished bathrooms and a mudroom.  And that's all I need...

There are updated tacked on the end of kitchen, livingroom and guess with some new photos.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Outside Doors Painted

The doors were painted last week.  I'd picked a vibrant daylily color.  It was my first choice, then I wavered and started chickening out to go with a sea blue, then a green that would match the peak of the house.  I settled on one of those, but by the time I'd driven home, I had gone back to daringly vibrant again!
And now that it is on the doors, I'm glad that I went the brave route.  I am liking it.
I still think I need some white cornice fretwork up in the peak.  Right?

Here's the view from the open back door (Vibrant Day Lily), across my new finished kitchen floor, and into the livingroom.  You can't tell from the lighting here, but the kitchen is actually a lighter green than the livingroom.
And here is the livingroom flooring finished.  It still has some dark stains on it probably from an old kerosene heater or wood stove once upon a time.  The wood stacked is trim for windows and doorways.  It is still too light red for my taste, so we are working on darkening it up some. I want a nice shine to it, so it needs a good shiny coat of shellac.

Still not kitchen cabinets picked out.  Bathroom fixtures are not installed.  Stairs are not done.  I don't think we'll be spending any days there this summer either...sigh.

Monday, January 27, 2014


Years ago we'd bought an old set of scales at an auction that I believe cost us a quarter.  They were big and heavy, and were very accurate, though a bit on the ugly side.  We got rid of them somewhere in the move to our current home.  We bought a new digital scale, accurate to the half pound, sleek, black, easy to read, lightweight and modern.
I detested them from the day we took them out of the box - or the unopenable plastic container.  And it wasn't because I weighed too much on them.  Rather, it was because I always had such a difficult time getting an accurate reading.  I could step on them 5 times and get a different weight each time.  Many times it was a 1 to 3 pound difference, but sometimes it was 17 - 20 pounds.  That just didn't seem realistic to tolerate.  But we lived with it for a decade, at least.
Then I bought one that could be hooked up to the Internet and keep records of different family members.  Whereas the really inaccurate scale never needed a battery in the 10 years we owned it, this one was a battery eater.  It sits in the bedroom now, dead from lack of battery juice.
So the next scale was purchased just after Christmas.  It seemed like it would be good to take to Friendship, where everything will be "scaled down" (ha!  just thought of that... scaled down... I kill me!).  This scale is portable.  It's very lightweight and the readout part tucks in for storage or mobility, and pulls out for weighing.  Now.  The only thing is - it is too small.  Your feet hang over the edges.  You can't possibly stand on it unless you are a child's size 4 foot.  Teetering on the pinnacle of a scale will not give you an accurate reading, nor will touching your toes or heels to the floor, and that is the only way an adult could possible hold still on this thing.

Back to the search for scales... 


Search for:
- vintage, cast iron, scales, bathroom, Health-o-Meter, white -

 Wait for it.....


For a mere $40 plus $33.35 shipping, we have our 25 cent scales back.

They work perfectly and will look great in the new old house.
Sometimes it just doesn't pay to scale back.