We plan on turning the stairs so they come out just to the left of where they are now and make the opening where the stairs come out now into a closet with the circuit breakers in it.
The wood trim will be good to keep, and the wood floor in this room is a keeper.  Each piece of wood is at least 1/2 inch thick and is 3 inches wide and 22 feet long!  This floor was constructed of whole boards, no piecing!
The end with the stairway opening.
  And I'd like the front door to stay.  Just needs some tightening up and repainting on the outside.  Um, the paneling is history though.
So you can see, the door did not stay.
 Unfortunately, for me, I was outvoted on the door staying.  It was too old to be insulated well enough for everybody's tastes.  I detest the new door.  The only good thing about it is the color.

Here the living room has been painted and flooring refinished.  We need to get the woodwork stain the right color, and a shiny shellac applied before it goes up.  I'm having a problem with it as it is now.  Too light red.

July 2014
Well, this floor is getting lightly sanded again so the den and bath can be coordinated in colors and level with this one and the kitchen.
And the pocket door between the living room and den will be installed and the wall sheetrocked and painted again.