This is the same corner that is shown in the picture of the downstairs bathroom, as a wall will be built starting on the right side of the window and extending to the far wall.  so the whole wall to the right will be brought in a ways, so the room is divided into bathroom and "dining area".  Actually we have changed our minds about a dining area.  I think this is going to be an "officey, let the grandkids sleep there when they visit" kind of space.  It won't be very big, but should make it so I can sew and write somewhere without having to clean up when it's time to eat.  So I need to change this tab today from Dining to Guest-Study-Sewing Room.  I think I'll call it our Guess room.
 Added the closet in the corner seen above, and a half-bath next to it.  It's coming along.

July 2014
So this floor was done, like the half bath beside it.  Now it is getting redone to take up the rest of the old paint.  The pocket door frame has just been installed, which will give us more room in this "smallest of our rooms with the most doors in it".   What were we thinking?  It has the only downstairs closet, too.  The area over the basement stairs in the kitchen will have a hatch door so we will use that as a closet, too, but still...
We will be adding a mudroom off the kitchen, so that will be a big help.  We won't panic yet.
This is going to look better than this.  Don't like it at all this way.
This is looking into the den from the living room.  There will be a 15 pane pocket door there.  It will bring so much light through both ways.  And if a guest has to sleep in that room, we will make a curtain for over the door frame that may be put up, or a room divider.

Had to take down part of the wall to put the pocket frame in.
Here's a porcelier light, made in the early 1900's.  I was just checking the coloring.  It could have been used in here, but it is really for the kitchen.  I do like that the colors are all going together so well.  The green of the leaves for the kitchen and livingroom, the blue for the den and the orange for the day lilies and doors...

But this is not where it is going... It's going to be paired with another that I bought, and put in the kitchen over the sink and cupboard area.