Monday, May 21, 2012

Mowing Day

Lilies, lilac, forsythia and mowed lawn.
Tim mowed the lawn for the first time at Gull Haven.  The grass was too long, and consequently so was the time it took to mow it.  "We" had to take a break halfway through and get lunch and doorknobs.

I posted a close up doorknob view picture on my other blog, Mainely Write, along with a poem.  Doesn't seem necessary to post it again, so if you want to see it and read it, head on over there.

There's something about mowing your lawn for the first time...or having your husband mow it, or paying someone to mow it (as we should have done)...
It makes the place really yours.  Because if you didn't do it, there's no one that's going to be walking by and stopping to mow it just because it needs mowing. 
I don't know about you, but I've never heard anyone as they pass by our unkempt lawn (or anyone else's) exclaim, "Wow, yes!  Another spot to mow!  I'm totally on it!  I hope no one else gets here before I can get my mower!"
You, the owner, have to mow it, or ask and pay someone to mow it. 
Tim got two offers to mow it (for money, of course) while he was out there.  He declined, saying he needed the exercise.  I think they asked too soon.
Next Saturday we're totally up there cruising for a lawn maintenance crew.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Early May

The windows are in, all except one.  One is waiting for the drywall to be delivered so it can be brought in through it for the upstairs walls.  I am so (you don't know how 'so') relieved that the windows are right.
The contractor ordered them before checking with me, but he understood that I wanted the replacements to be just like the old ones.  So they have the same style grill, the width of the bar is right, the grill is on the inside of the window, the outside, and in between the two layers of glass.  I was so afraid that he ordered the ones that only had the grill on the inside.  For some reason, we hadn't really communicated this, and my emails weren't answered on that question.  So I was relieved to say the least.
A few...20?... years ago, we had a porch enclosed on another house, and they put in windows with the grillwork for panes.  I came home to windows that had the rectangular panes going the wide way instead of the tall way.  Needless to say I was devastated.  It just offended my sensibilities.  But the job was done.  The windows were the major part of the job and the focal point.  My husband couldn't see anything wrong with them, so we lived with it.  Well, he did.  I hated them from the day they were put in, and we never did finish off the porch into a sunroom as planned.  I couldn't even sit out there.  Hated it.
So, knowing that, when I declared these windows perfect, my husband let out an audible sigh...not the impatient one - the relieved and bordering happy one.   I had never really thought about how anxious he was about my approval of the windows.
The only thing I would have done differently about the windows is have them prestained.  I really don't like doing window trim.  But, hey, if something has to be not quite right, I'll take that over any of the other not quite right options.
I am really liking the view since we removed the kitchen/livingroom wall and opened it up.  This is my view from the kitchen into the livingroom:
And when I focus on outside the windows...
Standing at the sink I can see the ocean out those three windows.
I'll probably remove the stickers.
I think even the doorknob hole has a nice view.
It was such a nice day, we went down to the beach to see if there was any new old glass to pick up.  I love to collect it to make jewelry...
And yes, I found some more for my collection, along with a couple of interesting other pieces: a shell and an old sea-worn porcelain knob.  It's getting harder to find nice pieces since the advent of plastic bottles.  People aren't even throwing their old teacups and saucers into the ocean like they used to apparently.

And of course, we stopped at Moody's Diner for supper on the way home.  Their open turkey sandwich is so good - on a homemade biscuit (or you can have toast), with mashed potatoes, cranberry jelly, a vegetable (make mine pickled beets).  Saturday's special for dessert is a hu-u-u-ge piece of gingerbread with a mile of real whipped cream.  After a meal there, though, you will probably want to split it with someone...or better yet, start with gingerbread and then see if you really do want dinner!  We couldn't do dessert, but next time we go I'll see if someone will let me take a picture of their gingerbread if I'm too full to share with my husband.