Monday, May 21, 2012

Mowing Day

Lilies, lilac, forsythia and mowed lawn.
Tim mowed the lawn for the first time at Gull Haven.  The grass was too long, and consequently so was the time it took to mow it.  "We" had to take a break halfway through and get lunch and doorknobs.

I posted a close up doorknob view picture on my other blog, Mainely Write, along with a poem.  Doesn't seem necessary to post it again, so if you want to see it and read it, head on over there.

There's something about mowing your lawn for the first time...or having your husband mow it, or paying someone to mow it (as we should have done)...
It makes the place really yours.  Because if you didn't do it, there's no one that's going to be walking by and stopping to mow it just because it needs mowing. 
I don't know about you, but I've never heard anyone as they pass by our unkempt lawn (or anyone else's) exclaim, "Wow, yes!  Another spot to mow!  I'm totally on it!  I hope no one else gets here before I can get my mower!"
You, the owner, have to mow it, or ask and pay someone to mow it. 
Tim got two offers to mow it (for money, of course) while he was out there.  He declined, saying he needed the exercise.  I think they asked too soon.
Next Saturday we're totally up there cruising for a lawn maintenance crew.


  1. The greenery looks lush! Donna, you are so funny. I have mowed once & then called my lawn person who trimmed stuff for me in the fall. I liked the exercise, a little, but need time to take my time (do you know what I mean?) Until school is out I still feel pretty stretched. I agree that once you mow, it's all yours!

    1. Yes, I totally understand needing time to take your time! Getting enough time in one session to do the job is what you want ideally. But we need lots of breaks now, so the time gets extended! School was the reason I stopped having a garden - too busy for the "harvest" in the fall, and too busy for planting in spring! I wonder if I'll enjoy it now?


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