Thursday, January 3, 2013

Warming Up!

Look, Ma, no windows!
It's been so long since I've posted about the house.  I guess I'll just post some pictures in chronological order, with some descriptions.  There was a lull in the work for a bit, and then some of the work was kind of dull and uninteresting.
Dull and Uninteresting
Doing work around the outside to keep the basement dry is not as much fun as the inside, but it has to be done.
Water should go this way...
Bulkhead is gone and area is sealed up.
New septic connection
Back filled and a Drip line...keep that water moving

Tank for the toilet is in the wall.
Large shower ready to be installed.

It's starting to get more exciting now.  Partly because in the past few weeks our house has been insulated and the radiant heat has been installed along with the boiler, and propane tanks, which means I can stand to stay in there longer.  It is quiet and warm now.

Tubes for radiant heat...I've always wanted these!

The exterior shakes have finally arrived, along with the triangular vents for the attic space.  They are in the living room right now, waiting for some good days.  I don't know if they side houses in winter or not.  My husband says they do, so I'll go with that.  It's been pretty cold though, so I wouldn't want to work out there if I didn't have to.  It was 0 degrees last night, and still pretty cold today at 10 degrees now.   I'd wait.

Windows and trim painting

Window trim and stucco on basement

Our water filter has been installed.  Surprisingly it only needed an iron filter for turbidity.  The water is fine to drink now.  No salt needed at Gull Haven, as we do now in our current home.
And since it is warm inside the house, I think they are excited about moving forward again!
Sheetrock ready to go in upstairs
They can proceed with the sheetrock.  The upstairs has had sheetrock put up and is going to be taped shortly.  The downstairs is next.  My contractor wants to know room colors now and flooring and cabinets.  Whee!  This is going to be a ride.  Dust off that checkbook!
Living room insulated

Kitchen insulated - here's where the Tiffany light goes!
Update!  Today I placed my order for a pendant light for the kitchen!  I do so hope it works.  It's from Tacoma Tiffany, a small company in Washington, that has a good selection of Tiffany style lighting. Though somewhat limited, the selection is unique and very reasonably priced.
Here's my cheery flowery Tiffany light!

I am so excited for its arrival.  I've looked at about every Tiffany light available around the world in the past year or more.  And finally.  When I saw this one.  I knew.  Oh, please, oh, pleeeez, don't arrive broken.  It's a long way from Washington to Maine...Pacific to travels my little flowery friend!

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  1. Love your 'dust off that checkbook' Donna, & am so excited to hear more about Gull Haven. It is truly exciting! We really do have some connections! I just left a tiffany lamp in my kitchen, over our beloved booth, at the old house. Your lamp is gorgeous. I imagine it will be quite wrapped & safe on its way. Thanks for telling more!


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