Saturday, January 26, 2013

Colors and Wood and Cabinet Talk

Yellow is getting there.  They will stop at the top of the upper windows and change to green fish scales, and then a green vent in the peak. 
The vents just need priming and paint.  They are about 2 feet at the base, a foot tall and made of cedar. The paint will be the same English Cottage green as the shakes that will be going up above the yellow.

These are the paints for downstairs.  The red is called Bitter Rose, and is for the small downstairs bathroom.  Then the front blueish piece with the hole in it is the Formica (yes, I know, it's not granite) for the countertops.  It is really a green.  Then we have Buttered Popcorn for the kitchen walls (which is really minimal what with cabinets, windows and doorways) and the small green in the center is called Retro Green that I'm using on the cabinets.  It is actually an exact replica of the paint on the cabinets that were in here when we bought it.  That is exciting to me.  I wanted to have some of the look of the original somewhere and wasn't sure where that would come in. It looks a bit bluer in the picture than it really is.  It's actually a minty green.  Then the blue behind that is the color for the livingroom.  It's called Seascape .  The light, almost sage green is Sea Marsh.  This we'll use for the den, the stairway and the upstairs hall - which leads into the next picture:
From left to right:  Peach Preserves is for the guest room, Sea Sage is for the Master Bedroom with Niagara Blue (not shown) accents in the cubbies and closet, Sea Marsh (very light) is for the hallway (as mentioned before) and Seaweed Wrap is for the upstairs bathroom.

I am excited to have so many colors on the walls.  I hope I haven't overdone it, but I'm liking the idea of color.  In our current home I am very pleased with the pine walls, pine floors and pine ceilings everywhere and love the warmth and interesting knot holes everywhere.  So if I'm going to have sheetrock, it's going to have color!

My contractor brought up an interesting thought, though.  He said a home he'd just worked on had dark blue throughout, and that with the different lighting in each room it changed the tone of the blue just a bit and made it look different.  I guess if you picked a color you liked and made every room the same color but changed the accent pieces in each, it wouldn't be too bad.  Interesting thought.  I could do that with the Seaweed Wrap.  Then you just change accent pieces to other colors in the room - like green with peach, rose and green, green and beige, green and yellow.  Hmmm. Just when I thought I knew what I was doing.  I'm going to think this through one more time.

And I sign off for today with a picture of the well.  Water is constantly flowing out of it, and the ice crystals that form at the base are lovely.  The snow doesn't stay in that area due to the water flow.  It's been in the low teens lately, so it's very cold and everything is frozen pretty solid outside.  The sun's rays are lasting a bit longer now though.  It will be spring soon!  Well, not soon.  But it's coming.


  1. Donna, I just left my old house where we had 'green' cabinets & formica. We re-did the kitchen about 8 years ago, & I loved the green alll that time. I found a formica brown that looked like homemade paper-loved it. My daughter-in-law definitely thought I should go with granite, but we had lots of things to do & it just didn't fit the budget. I love all your colors-love color everywhere, but mostly I go with red which is my favorite. The ice crystals are lovely, aren't they? I don't think they happen much here, but in the moutons? Hope you're having fun!

    1. I have dark green stained cabinets and green/brown formica now. I love the green. We put wood around the front edges of the countertop and as a backsplash, and people think it's real slate. Granite seems a "forever" choice...not that I've ever changed my formica...and expensive for something that can chip. So formica seems our best choice.


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