Tuesday, January 29, 2013

I Forgot

In the last post I edited and put in the rest of the color names.  I realized that I didn't really talk much about the wood and cabinets.

So here's what's what there.  We are using the old interior doors, except for the basement door, as it had too much moisture damage.  We are getting salvaged doors and having a couple closet doors made where we don't have anything that will work.  All wood will be oil stained to a deep reddish brown, as in many older homes here.  It will match what we started with.  The windows will have sills that I can put a candle or a plant on.  Of course that may mean that the cat wants to try it out...  But I like window sills - the kind we used to have, not that 1 inch slat that most houses have now. 

The upper corners of the window frame will have the old fashioned bullseye corners, is my thought so far.  But after looking at them in my parents' old house, it appears that the woodwork wasn't just flat board.  It has a grooved surface.  So now what?  Regardless, this is the color of my woodwork in the house.  Not sure if I will paint the kitchen woodwork to go with the cabinets or the bathroom woodwork white to match fixtures, but I don't think so.

I want a door like this one to go between the den and the living room.  Our contractor said he has a few vintage doors to choose from.  We'll have sheer curtains on the inside or some way of blocking the window in case we have any guests who need to sleep in there.
These are the old cabinets that we had to get rid of.  Some doors were broken and there was mold on some parts.  I would have kept them, but I can't risk any mold and I'd like to start fresh.  They weren't really "historic" cabinets anyway.  But I am trying to keep up the feel of them by using the same color, and somewhat the same style.  We'll see what the builder comes up with for us to see.
Oh, and don't you just know...I am messing with colors again.  I have a bit of a different idea on some of the colors and I'm getting myself jumbled up again.  I may fall back to the ones I had originally even, but I'm still playing with them and tweaking them some.  The final has to be soon though.  I think they are almost ready to paint.  When the weather's bad they won't work on the siding, so they need inside work to do.  I've been told they are ready for the bathroom sinks and the toilets now.

We are going to be able to get up there for a summer stay I think!  I can see the lobsters in the pot already.  We have an RV hookup beside the house, so visitors are welcome!  Well, we have to know you, of course!  Otherwise there will definitely be a fee involved!  This might be our retirement income...a single RV campground.

Today though, there is new snow on the ground.  So put away those summer dreams for now.  I have to shovel me a path...


  1. Love seeing all about it, Donna, & the idea of one RV hookup is the best! I'll see if I've got a pic of my 'green' cabinets. Be sure to carry around a little sample on a stick with you when you look at other things. There are so many variations of green! Love the bull's eye look in the older homes-& that color. I bet it will look nice! Cheers!

    1. I was trying to match the pink in one of the bedrooms from a picture without having the photo with me. I forgot I could look on my phone! Duh. It was impossible. You'd think you could remember! But confusion reigns when faced with all the variations!


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