Saturday, February 9, 2013

Inside Primed and Ready

The upper photo shows the livingroom primed and ready for painting.  The protective covering is off the original flooring.  That will be sanded and refinished after a couple of holes where they put registers in are filled.
The second photo is the corner of the kitchen ready for painting.
Tomorrow or Monday, assuming we still have power, I will upload pictures of the painting that has been started.
The blizzard has delayed work for a few days now.  When this storm dies down we'll start up again.  The corner bullseyes will be coming from a place way, way up in way, way up northern Maine.  It's a little place called Harttwood in Wallagrass, Maine, which is just shy of the Canadian border on the northern border of Maine.

Here's what I picked out:
These will be in the upper corner trim of doorways and windows, stained the deep wood stain seen in older homes.

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