Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Two More Lights

Two more lights have arrived.  These are Tiffany sconces: one for the stairway and one for the hallway upstairs.  They don't match.  I don't want them to match.  It might look better if they did, but so far, I think I'm going with not matching.  The Jewelstone - brown, green and amber tones will be for upstairs in the hallway just outside of the guest room.  It can't extend very far out into the hall due to the pull down attic access stairs just above it.  The online measurements are not very accurate, in that I believe they said it extended 7 inches.  Well, that is without the shade on.  With the shade it extends 8".  This may still be okay.  If it isn't then it will go in the stairway....

This sconce also had incorrect measurements, extending 9 inches into the room, so it definitely cannot go in the hallway.  It will be mounted in the stairway, unless I think better of it and get a second Jewelstone sconce so they match.  The other thing that is a concern about this second sconce - the Meadowbrook - is that it plugs in!  That was not mentioned on the website, nor did it show a cord in the picture.  The nice thing is that it came with a cord cover.  But I don't want a plug in.  So my husband or the electrician will rewire it so it ca be hardwired.  IF I don't do that, then it just may be my light for reading in bed.  It's just SO pretty.  I still want it!

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  1. I like them both, but I can see why you want to keep the second one; it is lovely, Donna. Onward & onward...


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