Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kitchen Sink

I ordered my kitchen sink yesterday.  It is on back-order from National Builder Supply, but placing my order meant a 2% discount on the sink that was already lower than other suppliers.  So since I don't have the kitchen cabinets ordered yet, I ordered the sink.  It will probably all come together about the same time. 

It isn't the one I had originally picked, but this one definitely fits in a 24" cabinet base with a bit of the drainboard over the left side dishwasher.  No sense in filling my kitchen with sink when I'll have two dishwashers.  This one also has a drain in the middle section in case of overflow and for getting water or rinsing without putting more water in the sink portion.  I had wanted white, but the two white ones I've seen are missing either a way to mount the faucet on the actual sink rim or are missing the middle drain.  So this is my compromise and I think it will actually work out better than the other options.

My other decision is to have wood grain ceramic tile on the kitchen floor.  You come directly into the kitchen from the outside, so this will be better for cleanup, and with radiant heat it works well, too.  I'm debating about the floors upstairs also.  I like wood, but it does have a tendency to expand and contract in the seasons.  Tiles don't do that.  I have seen at Lowe's and online, some tile planks that look an awfully lot like wood.  Actually, unless you felt the coolness, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference.  Since we have radiant heat, in the winter, the tiles will warm nicely and stay warm, and in summer they will be cool.  So, I'm thinking except for the wood we are salvaging in the living room, den and downstairs bath, maybe we'll just go with tile...

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  1. So many decisions, aren't there, but must be lots of fun, too. I remember when we re-did our kitchen some years ago, it was fun, but also interesting to live in the space when it happened. This looks like it's coming together step by step, Donna, & so exciting!


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