Saturday, January 12, 2013

Seaside, Sheetrock and Siding

We went out there on January 5th and got some pictures of insulation...not too interesting.  Upstairs has sheetroock and is mudded.  Downstairs got its insulation for sound.  It looks like Barbie could live here.

Living room is all insulated.
Insulation for the radiant heat upstairs

Kitchen wall where sink goes.

Closet and bathroom insulation

Sheetrock downstairs was done this week, and now it looks like a house inside.  Starting to pick out colors and wood for the flooring.  The living room, den and downstairs bath already have wood floors that we kept, so they will just need refinishing.

Kitchen into livingroom sheetrock
Closet and bathroom sheetrock

And yesterday the siding was started.  I am really liking the cheery, but not too giddy, yellow cedar shakes.  There will be rounded, fish scale, green shakes near the peak.  The contractor said the siding installation attracted some neighborhood interest.  Don't know what that meant exactly, but I hope it was positive.

Cedar shakes started!
 And lastly... the ocean today down the road a bit...


  1. I love the way it's going to look with those yellow shakes-so cheery, & the ocean-oh my Donna. How wonderful! I'm glad to see all the pics!

    1. Seems like suddenly there are lots of things coming together there. It was so slow for a while, but now that the heat is in and the water is filtered it has picked up speed! Looks like we'll be able to try it out this summer if it keeps on going at this pace! And we have an RV hookup if you're ever in the neighborhood!


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