Saturday, November 16, 2013

Summer, Fall 2013

My mug - my color palette
The above picture was taken from one of my favorite coffee mugs.  If the color is in here, it can be in this house... actually I had started picking out colors for the house and posting them on the refrigerator on different sides at different times of day, so I could see how I liked them individually and together.  Suddenly I saw my mug's colors and grabbed it.  Yup, they were all there.  Except for the flower that made my exterior door color easy.  Vibrant Daylily will go on the door.

It has not been too productive here at Gull Haven this summer.  Our contractor has had some outside issues to resolve, unrelated to business, and we have let him off the hook for deadlines and progress for the time being.  Since we are in no hurry yet to get there, we are fine.

I've asked that he get the house closed up for the winter and install door hardware and outside lights.  He's going to get all that done, and then we'll see where we go from there for the winter.  Inside work should be easily done in the winter, hopefully.

We did meet a few times to discuss stains for floors and other woodwork.  That has been difficult, since I don't know what the two old floors will look like when they are rejuvenated.  We have a stack of old doors with great old doorknobs, so are looking forward to getting them installed.  For the blue den, we have decided to go with a 15 pane pocket door to save space in the den or livingroom, depending on how we would have made it swing.  That isn't an issue now!  Yea!  And in the small bathroom off the den, we are going to have a door made that is a small double door, so the swing has a reduced arc.

I think we've come up with the stain that should work.  The pictures here show some of the options and an old piece of woodwork to the far right.  It's pretty much impossible to get that old look in a hurry, it seems.  So it may have to age on its own while we wait.
 Old door, old floor, two new wood pieces trying to fit in
More auditioning wood stains
Our new old phone
I picked this up pretty cheaply on eBay a while back.  I can't decide if I want to repaint it, take the paint off and restore to black or leave as it is.  It's from the 1930's, so perfect for this house...and the color goes (see mug picture).


  1. Sorry I'm so late seeing this-so busy! I love seeing all the pics, I think in a few years when you move in, I need to come visit. By then the 2nd grand baby will have arrived, etc., & you can have the grandkids visit so I can meet everyone (just kidding but wouldn't it be fun?) Your house is a dream come to life for sure, Donna! Have a great week!

    1. What an excellent idea! You have a standing invitation to visit - and kick back and write by the ocean.


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