Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Glow

We bought some lights for Gull Haven.  They are battery operated and light sensing.  As it gets dark, they come on automatically.  So our front and side windows each have their own light, and we don't have to go up there every day to turn them on!

We made the trek up after the snow we had on Friday, and put the lights in the windows.  Each one flickers when it's on the automatic setting.  The house, though empty and cold, now has a bright candle in each window, to let the world know that it hasn't been forgotten.  The lights are a harbinger of Christmases to come!


  1. Ohhh...I'm glad you shared photos with your words. Beautiful!

  2. So great to hear a little tidbit about your new, & coming, home. How nice to see those pictures, & with the lights. They do seem to light a path to your future!

  3. Candles - even light sensing ones - definitely give a place warmth - enjoy making your new place a "home for the holidays."

  4. Hoping for an update with spring in the air!

    1. Updated to February...and will for March later this week! I've taken pictures but hadn't had time for words yet.


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