Wednesday, February 22, 2012

February at Gull Haven

Gull Haven has been on my mind lately.  I know I need to update. 
It's been a while since I've posted here, mostly due to my busyness on my other blog, Mainely Write.  I've been busy there writing daily for the month of March and then for the A to Z Challenge writing a poem for each letter of the alphabet.
But we have been up to Gull Haven this spring and I have taken pictures, and some progress has been and is being made on this little home by the sea.

So I am going to post past posts fast.  Sorry, sometimes I just have to say things that way to see how they sound or look.

I'm posting pictures as it looked this winter, as they stripped the walls of their wrinkles and moles (not the animal, fortunately, just a figure of speech).  The winter has been mild since our October snows, so it wasn't as bad working in there as imagined.

So here they are:

Look at the corner bracing...boat builder workmanship.

A part of the expanded master.
This used to be a part of a "bathroom" of sorts...a toilet installed and uninstalled a long time ago.  It has a great window overlooking the water, so it will be a nook in the master bedroom now where I will sew or blog.  In the next picture you can see the spot off to the left still framed in as a tiny toilet room with a window.

Master bedroom still, but to be expanded.
You can see the hole in the floor.  There was a loose board there, and the men gutting the house, used the "slot" to feed the walls and debris downstairs and out to the construction bin.
Looking from the tiny toilet to the new bath.
This is in the doorway of the old "bathroom" to the opposite side of the house, where the new full bath will be.

The hallway and top of stairs.
Standing here in the future, we would be in the master bedroom, and the room on the other side of the wall at the top of the stairs is the new bathroom.

At the top of the stairs.
 The door between the two rooms will be closed off and a hall will give access to the bedroom way over by the window you can see.  This house had three small bedrooms upstairs (and the tiny toilet area).  The one in the back corner you could only get to through either of the other rooms.  We're making a hallway down the center of the house, where the chimney used to be, and scooting a wall over just a tad to make more room for it.  We are having either radiators or in-floor radiant heat, so we won't need the chimney.

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