Saturday, February 25, 2012

More Demolition

Rose bush in the house
No insulation in the walls.  But there is a rose bush!  There are a couple of spots where the rosebush has insinuated itself through the shingles on the outside of the building.  There isn't much light between walls, but it tried!

The dumpster is full, and there's still the upstairs to clear out, plus the old refrigerator (too moldy to salvage) and the kitchen cabinets (again too moldy to keep, and too built in to  get out in whole pieces).

Although it's at an angle, this is one of my favorite views...where the kitchen table is going to be!  I'm ready for coffee!

This wall is between the livingroom and the kitchen.  It's going away, so we can open the kitchen up more to the livingroom and get more view.

The stairway is problematic with the lower than standard ceilings.  We won't be able to turn it as we'd hoped.  That means there won't be a closet at the foot of the stairs where you can see the circuit breakers.  Oh, well, we'll think of something else.

This writing is from 1900.  Markings on the wood are exposed when walls are taken down.


  1. Amazing photos. Even more amazing work on this house. :-)

    1. We are very eXcited! More photos to go up, but I've been vacuuming and doing things I'm supposed to do besides blogging! Check out the A to Z at if you get a chance. X is there today. I'll pop over to yours in a minute!


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