Thursday, April 19, 2012


The ants were hiding out here.
Cedar shakes are coming off
The shingles are going so we can properly insulate. There was absolutely no, N-O, no insulation in this house. That may be why there were no, N-O, no rodents found living in the wall! That's a yea! We did find some ants under the door sill, so they're gone. If we hadn't put on new siding they'd still be happily ensconced in their cozy new home.
Another bonus of new siding - they could make the window opening larger so the new shower could be hoisted up to the second floor and slid into the bathroom easily.
We decided on a large shower, like we have now.  The cast iron would have been nice, but there wasn't quite enough room after moving a wall a bit for the hallway.  And looking at the height of the sides, well, it didn't seem that in a few years we'd be able to get in, or more importantly, get out easily.

Decided on Delta one piece 48" acrylic shower
Upper window, shower edge on it's side inside


  1. Replies
    1. It's exciting, and going to look even better if it goes as planned!

  2. It's really quite exciting, & sounds as if everything is working out the way you want mostly, like no rodents & a decent shower fits. Thanks for showing more, Donna. I hope you will make a book that might stay with the house, including history too. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

    1. I wish the owners had given us more information about it. A nice picture record of the house and it's transformation would be fun. I may be able to get more information from some relatives in the area once we are there.


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