Monday, April 30, 2012

Late April

We are currently waiting for the cedar shakes/shingles to arrive, in addition to the Toto toilets.  The plumbing was supposed to be here in the beginning of April, but was delayed to the middle, and now to May.  We have gotten word via our credit card that they have arrived at the distributor, so we should hear something soon about their arrival.  Then we can get moving on the rest of the work.
So here is the house from the outside currently:

Looks like it's gift wrapped.  It just needs the bow.

We are putting yellow cedar shakes on it with regular on the bottom and rounded green at the peak.  Should look something like this:
It's hard to picture the two colors on there and where the break should go, but so far this is the way we decided to go with it.
Here are the two colors...they are kind of the color of the mints you get at a restaurant.  My computer picture is actually quite accurate in displaying the colors.  I don't know what you'll get!  But here they are:

I have tried laying out the wood alongside the picture to see if that helped me visualize it.  Not really working.  I'm hoping that it looks good when we are done!  All the trim work will be white.  We are hoping to put a porch on the front with some Victorian trim, along with a trimmed storm/screen door.

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  1. It's going to be quite beautiful, as I try to imagine it Donna. So exciting!


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